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The following services are meant to give a general picture of what we can provide, please contact us to set up an individually tailored service, or a full listing of the services we provide.

CCPI consultants works Long Term Care facility’s, Assisted Living facilities, Residential Care, Dialysis Centers, Boarding Homes & Adult Medical Day Care Centers to help ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations as well as other sections required of the Facility which would pertain to pharmacy consultant services.

CCPI's services include a broad range of professional functions and activities to assist nursing facilities in complying with applicable regulations and laws, achieve rational drug therapy for residents, and enhance patient outcomes and quality of life while containing medication costs.

The increased emphasis on inspection and documentation by regulatory agencies requires methodical management and responsive action by the facility. CCPI's consultant staff of professionals plays a vital role in maintaining compliance through expeditious onsite activities supported by thorough written documentation.

Comprehensive Medication-Regimen Review (MRR)

CCPI’s consultant pharmacists conduct in-depth reviews of each resident's medication regimen and medical records at least monthly for long term care patients, taking into consideration all relevant factors, including laboratory results, diet, drug-drug and drug-food interactions, pharmacokinetics, patient age, drug clearance problems, and other biochemical or pharmacological irregularities.

When indicated, drug therapy recommendations are made for each resident and reported to the attending physician and director of nursing for review and response. DRR helps lower drug costs by eliminating the use of unnecessary or inappropriate medications.

CCPI goal will be to increase compliance with regard to State & Federal regulation while identifying problematic areas (Missing Diagnosis, Poly-pharmacy and Irrational Drug Therapy). CCPI’s consultant DRR ensures compliance with all Federal and State regulations and with facility policy and procedures.

Pharmacokinetic Dosing Service and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

On the order of the physician, our consultants will evaluate and recommend individualized medication dosing for residents on specific medication. This comprehensive, specialized analysis is based on factors including blood chemistry, metabolism, drug blood levels, and duration of therapy, dosage form, age, and route of administration. Specific recommendations are made to reduce the incidence of toxicity and to achieve the desired response to drug therapy.

State of the Art Report Program

CCPI’s services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the nursing facility though the use of computerization. CCPI’s consultants will prepare customized computer generated reports specific to nursing, medical staff and pharmacy or any combination thereof. Computerization reduces nursing time, aides in tracking of deficiencies and keeps current information accessible to the consultant at all times, enhancing their effectiveness. The purpose will be to aid in prioritizing the handling of noted deficiencies, and provide for consistency in reports. Reports will be generated on same day the consultant review the facility and report are presented and reviewed with the appropriate staff for correction.

CCPI’s consultants will review all patients charts and enter each patient in to the computer in order to track laboratory reports, noted deficiencies and to add in tracking of patients. Our consultant will upon review of each station will generate the following reports:

  1. Monthly noted deficiencies (Separated for Physician, Patient/Physician, Nursing, Pharmacy and Administration)
  2. Station Review
  3. Medication Pass

CCPI is committed to quality services and knows that these reports aides our facilities by keeping the administration informed about the review process.

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